About Us

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Meet bump, the first in a line of take-everywhere, can’t-live-without accessories that provides a stylish solution to one of life’s most common headaches.

Bump is socket-friendly, pocket-friendly power. Small, light and perfectly stylish, bump is your tech lifeline, at home or out and about.

Following their landmark success at bobble (the iconic self-filtering water bottle), acclaimed innovators and designers Richard Smiedt and Karim Rashid set out to solve a familiar woe: mobile devices running out of power, every day, typically at the least convenient time. As they progressed, they were joined by Phil King, of Method fame.

Together, an exciting opportunity emerged. Tech accessories have become purely utilitarian, overlooking the most human aspects of their users. Marrying function with form, the team produced a full line of brilliant wall chargers and accessories that bring beauty and simplicity to your daily toolkit. These are just the first of many democratic products in the works from bump.