Bump Charger

How does a bump charger work?

The bump charger is both a wall charger and portable power bank that delivers 1.5x battery life.

When plugged into the wall socket, bump will recognize whether your device battery needs charging, and prioritize topping up your device as required. Once the device battery is full, bump will top up its own 3350 mAh battery, ensuring that you always have back-up power when you unplug and take bump out with you.

When on the move, connecting a device to your bump charger will automatically activate bump and commence re-charging of your device. Once your device is full, bump will automatically turn off to preserve power.

What devices can bump charge?

bump will charge most devices that power via USB such as smartphones, tablets, eReaders, GoPro, Bluetooth devices, eCigs and more. Standard charge is 1.5x your battery, however, it may vary depending on your device.

How much charge can I expect from the bump charger?

The bump charger has a 3350mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery. This means that you can expect it to deliver 1.5x battery life on most new version smartphones and more than one charge on smaller devices such as wearables and older phones.

How long does it take bump to charge?

The bump charger takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge. As bump is a wall charger you can top it up whenever it is plugged in.

If my device battery is dead, what will bump charge first?

When plugged in your bump charger will automatically check to see if a device is connected. If the device is connected and has a low or dead battery, bump will charge the device before its own internal battery. Once the device is fully charged, bump will charge its internal battery.

What are the product specs of the bump charger?

Input Voltage (AC)

100-240V AC 50/60HZ

USB Output

5VDC 1.0A

Battery Type

Lithium Ion

Battery Capacity

3.7V 3350mAh

Storage Temperature

-20℃ to 55℃

Working Temperature

0℃ to 35℃

How do I check my battery level?

To check the battery level, quickly press the power button and determine your level based on the below LED definitions.

Charge Status

4 LEDs = 75 - 100% Battery Level

3 LEDs = 50 - 75% Battery Level

2 LEDs = 25 - 50% Battery Level

1 LED = Less than 25% Battery Level

Will the bump charger work in countries outside the United States?

Yes! The bump charger has a two prong Type A charge input. That same charger will work in Canada, China, Japan, Mexico and other parts of Central and South America, UAE, the Philippines and many other countries.

Stay tuned as we are developing chargers to support the rest of the world.

Can I gift a bump?

Yes, we are able to support shipping to a different location than your billing address.

How long will my bump last?

The bump UL-certified, lithium ion battery is designed to deliver more than 500 full charging cycles. That’s a lot of on-the-go convenience. Beyond 500 cycles, bump gets tired and may operate at a reduced capacity.

Bump Premium Charging Cables

What is the size of a bump cable?

The cable is 1 meter long or 3.3 feet and is available in both Lightning and Micro USB.

Is the bump Lightning Cable MFi Certified?


Is the bump cable available in USB Type C?

It’s coming soon, visit us regularly or sign up for updates so you don’t miss out.

Bump Cable Holder

What size cords does the cable holder fit?

It fits all cables up to 1 meter in length.

How do I get my cable in the holder?

Great question! We found the easiest method is to fully wrap your cable around the cable holder, then remove it and place it into the holder. You’ll get the hang of it quickly.

Orders & Shipping

When can I expect to receive my order?

Your bump is expected to deliver in 5-7 business days within the US and 10-12 business days internationally. We’ll be sending updates along the way to keep you up to speed on your bump’s progress.

Where does bump ship?

bump ships just about everywhere.

bump ships for free within the United States and U.S. territories, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands. We also ship to APO/FPO addresses.

For international shipments any taxes, duties or fees incurred are the responsibility of the recipient. For more information visit our terms page.

How can I change my shipping address?

Please reach out to us on our to request a change in the delivery address. We are only able to ship to one address per order.

Interested in partnering with bump through retail, wholesale or distribution?

Contact us at sales@needabump.com to speak with someone on our team.


If you’re not loving your bump charger or cable, let us know within 30 days of receiving your purchase and we will gladly provide a full refund. You can read more about the returns process on our terms page.


All bump products have a one-year limited warranty from the date of receipt of your purchase. For more information on the warranty, returns and exchanges, click our terms page.

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